Neolith Basalt Black is a dark model, rich in details and suitable for interior or exterior flooring and tiling.

Neolith Nero Zimbabwe is identical to the natural granite found on the African continent and offers a sober, distinguished design.

The Neolith Pietra di Luna model belongs to the Fusion Collection and presents a stone-like design which stands out because of the soft grey tone.

Neolith Zaha Stone is a contemporary reinterpretation of Iranian Grey Stone.

The greyish tone makes Neolith Cement the ideal balanced option for any type of project.

Neolith Barro belongs to the Fusion collection and stands out due to the soft brown tones inspired by different natural landscapes.

Neolith Basalt Grey is inspired by basalt rock just like the other models in the Basalt range of the same collection.

The Big Apple: They say that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, which is certainly the case with Neolith New York-New York. This visually appealing surface is influenced by the city’s infectious energy, its iconic avenues and majestic skyscrapers, responding to a revival of interest in using concrete for interior applications, particularly worktops.