Marble-effect porcelain tiles are some of the most requested porcelain tiles on the market thanks to their beauty, durability and environmentally friendly credentials. We’ve put together a selection of stunning marble styles to give you some inspiration when choosing marble-effect porcelain tiles for your next project.

Whether you’re looking for white marble-effect porcelain tiles or fancy a darker, more contrasting solution such as Marquina porcelain tiles, these 14 marble-effect porcelain tiles will give you something at either end of the spectrum or something in the middle if it suits your tastes better.

Taken from some of nature’s most beautiful marble patterns, these marble-effect porcelain tiles offer the high-end visuals of marble without the softness or expense, so you can use them more freely in applications around the home.

These marble-effect porcelain tiles are all available in thicknesses under 6mm, with some even available at just 3.5mm if you wanted a super-low-profile marble-effect wall tile.

The 5.6mm variants are suitable for use as floor tiles and wall tiles. All these marble-effect porcelain tiles are available from Urban Tiles in medium and large formats for great prices, whilst stocks last.

Drop us a message if you’d like to enquire about pricing a marble-effect porcelain tiles job for your home or trade project. We’re happy to help!